“Come, come” said “the spider to the fly…let me spin and wrap you in my cocoon and devour your soul when I am ready and well”, and so it begun; the spinning of truth by a misguided government. If that’s not bad enough it also insults people’s intelligence by claims that Cyprus is getting out of recession and it’s on the road to prosperity.

Mr. President, building sand castles it’s a child’s game and not by a competent government. Attempting to convince outsiders and us, on how wonderful things are on the island and spinning such untruths –like you did yesterday – only shows incompetence. People are not stupid!

For we, the little people do not see that recovery – maybe it’s because we are not as wise as you or your ministers! After all, we are only at the bottom of the ladder and certainly we cannot see to the very top where the privilege feed on manna from heaven.

Mr. President, walk in any street in any town and you shall see despair painted on people’s faces. If that is not bad enough, you insist to make people homeless also because EU-Troika demands it – you simply cannot say no to them! Do you not remember that we did not elect EU-Troika but you! We did so because you gave your word and promised citizens stability and growth. Were those promises simply pure lies?

Mr. President one must stop living in the House of the Blind and do the right thing; think of citizens first and not on how to save banks. As a matter of fact, where did that bailout Troika billions borrowed go to Mr. President? Also, where did all that bail-in money that you stole from the citizens go? Did they go to bail out corrupt banks again? Certainly none of that money trickled down to make the lives of the people any better. It is most shameful act indeed!

Greece finally has electing a leadership blessed with a Revolution of the Mind, that has restored Hellenic pride back… Cypriots demand the same and not to put up with spinning web of lies to accommodate EU –Troika and political dogmatism at the expense of the people.

Andreas C Chrysafis

Author – Writer – Artist